Clinical Solutions, Inc. believes that integration involves the entire treatment community and includes the full continuum of general health, mental health, and substance use treatment services.

The concept of community integration for clients with serious mental illnesses can play an important role in the restructuring of supports and services within mental health delivery systems in order to make the concept come alive in their communities. Individuals with psychiatric disabilities have many of the same desires as other individuals in society. Clinical Solutions, Inc.’s staff plays an integral and valuable part in the lives of individuals served by the program implementing a variety of strategies designed to increase the community integration and independence through successful strengths based mental health services. 

Since community integration goes beyond clinical settings, and engage all relevant stakeholders in the community in the promotion of behavioral health, Clinical Solutions, Inc. will use ARISE curriculum to provide multi-sensory stimulation that allows participants to gain skills and competencies that encourage implementation of the curriculum. ARISE training encompasses the many facets of conducting vibrant, attention grabbing interactive group sessions. Particularly valuable are positive strategies for accommodating clients who bring anger, bullying, and emotional problems to individual group sessions. Some of the skill sets will include independent living and case management activities:

Independent Living Activities

Case Management Activities:

Clinical Solutions, Inc. follows evidence-based protocols, informed by team practice, in order to identify all of the potential interacting conditions and treatments and treat the whole person. This is done by understanding the following: