School Based Mental Wellness Program

Identify the need, Then our program is for you!

Does your school need support in managing the wellness needs of some of its students?

Do you have parents and/or gurdians who would benefit from additional assistance in navigating their children's wellness needs in school?

Would your staff benefit from additional support and education on ways to manage the wellness needs of their students?

How We Help

At Clinical Solutions, our goal is to provide support to the client, school, and family through continuity of care. Our collaborative approach allows us to treat the individual needs of the client, supporting their academic and wellness needs simultaneously.

Services We Offer

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Tier 1

Evaluations, to include assessment to support staff and families in identifying specific treatment need(s).

Tier 2

Treatment identified as individual, family, and group therapy sessions.

Tier 3

Medication management available via teletherapy in school, or within the clinic.